Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015


Tomorrow will be a beautiful day for Words on the Square in Branchville at 2:00. In case this is news and not just a reminder, the details: Linda Watkins and Richard Goffman will be reading from their new novels, TAKING FLIGHT and LAID SO LOW, respectively. 
This is taking place on the square in Branchville, outside Broad Street Books http://www.broad-street-books.com/ which is a beautiful and remarkably eclectic store unlike any other you are likely to find. (Interesting factoid about BSB: Did you know that among their thousands of offerings they have one of the largest repositories in the world of BOB DYLAN books, memorabilia, music and art? I'm talking about one of a kind stuff, much of it directly from the man himself.)
But wait, I've got more to say. Since tomorrow is the event, that means that TONIGHT, JULY 24, at midnight is the deadline to enter the GO TO THE BEACH WITH BACHMAN contest. All you need to do to enter is post a picture of yourself (or anyone) reading one of Richard Goffman's books in his MR. BACHMAN series of Jersey shore thrillers, either LAID SO LOW, or the original, HEARTLESS CRUELTY. You can post the picture here, or on my blog www.richardgoffman.blogspot.com, or on my regular facebook page. Or simply email it to richardgoffman@gmail.com. One winner will be drawn at random to receive a fabulous FREE WEEKEND at The Lilllagaard Hotel, mere steps from the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ.
The event tomorrow, in addition to the reading and the autographing and the talking about books, will also include an art show right across the square at Ruth Ann Endress' beautiful MAIN STREET GALLERY. http://www.mainstreetgalleryandstudio.com/
Not unlike BSB, Ruth offers an amazingly eclectic selection of art, sculpture and crafts of all kinds, including (not coincidentally) watercolors by Linda Watkins-Goffman, a close relative -- if not an actual doppelganger -- of Linda Watkins, the author of Taking Flight.
But wait... There's more! At 4:00 there will be a wine tasting at GEORGE'S WINE AND SPIRITS GALLERY, which is ALSO ON THE SQUARE in Branchville. (I'm starting to detect a theme here.) George and Frances Delgado, professional sommeliers and chefs, will welcome us to try some of the fabulous wines that they curate to share with their customers. 

So, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Send a picture of yourself reading one of the Mr. Bachman books, before midngiht tonight, to be entered in the contest for a free Jersey shore weekend. More importantly, PLEASE COME TO BRANCHVILLE TOMORROW at 2:00... and if possible bring 3 or 4 friends. But only come if you like books, art, eating, drinking and having a really good time in a great place with interesting people.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Thanks to the kindness of Julie Powers Schoerke of JKS Communications in Nashville I attended an amazing event Wednesday night. If you’ve never been to The Mysterious Bookshop on the lower west side, you should do yourself a favor. I’ve never seen another place like it. But Wednesday night was special, because it was a double book release party for two great mystery writers,Jenny Milchman and Catherine Coulter. And aside from those two, the place was full of other best selling authors, not to mention agents, editors, publishers, publicists, booksellers... I actually chatted with Lee Child
The problem was, I couldn’t breathe without coughing up a lung, so I was miserable. Anybody who knows me knows that if I’m unable to schmooze at a schmooze-o-rama like that, I must be way under the weather. I slunk out early and hacked and coughed my way home. Anywho, thanks to Julie. One of these days I’ll be happy to see @Mr. William Bachman make an appearance among such exalted company. And big thanks to Jayson Gladstone for introducing us. http://jennymilchman.com/as-night-falls

Julie Schoerke, publicist

A center of gravity

Nice lady, great writer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Linda and I will both be reading at this event 
in the town square of Branchville. 
Broad Street Books, in addition to being one 
of the most fascinating bookstores I've ever seen, 
is also the number one seller of my books --- by a wide margin.
You'll also get to see great new artwork -- 
paintings, sculptures, mixed media and more -- 
at the Main Street Gallery
right across the Square from the book store. 
Then step down a few doors 
and sample some amazing wines 
curated by George and Frances Delgado. 
It's all happening "on the Square" on Saturday, July 25, at 2:00pm.