Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Noir? or Blanc?

So here's something interesting. The cover of the actual printed book is a little darker than the image that you see here on the blog. The blue is deeper, and the picture just looks like it is later at night, or a moonless night, as opposed to a brighter one. The sand doesn't look white, it looks blue. When I first got my proof copy from the printer, my only reaction was: "WOW, THIS LOOKS COOL!!" (And if you have ever been a student of mine, you know that I abhor the use of exclamation points in most cases... but I see now that sometimes one can't help oneself.) It looks... more mysterious, more ominous, more.... noir. Now that I'm comparing them, I wonder if I should ask them to redo it for future printings.
If you have already received your book, tell me what you think: Which cover do you like better, the darker one in your hand, or the brighter one here on the blog? You all decide, and that's what I'll do.

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