Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Click on the link to see the charity that will be getting our BUCK A BOOK money.

Our brothers and sisters in Staten Island (where I spent the first eight years of my life, and where I worked in the early '00s) seem to be getting both brutalized and ignored by their city. The folks on Long Island, where I grew up, have been clobbered too. I have chosen the recently thrown-together charity, Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, as being most appropriate for the BUCK A BOOK promotion for HEARTLESS CRUELTY. By donating a dollar every time someone buys a copy of the book for the rest of 2012 (and counting everything already sold in November), we'll make a small difference. Of course, you can donate more to Hurricane Relief, whether it's this charity or another one. I know I am going to. Maybe this will help remind everybody that, just like we have to now pull our divided country back together and heal all of those ugly wounds, we have some very ugly wounds right here in the region that is so dear to the heart of Mr. Bachman, wounds that are NOT metaphoric. 

Today was the day that many school districts finally reopened. It was GREAT to see my kids today -- although not everyone was there. And if you don't live around here, if you are part of the vast network of fans of the Mr. Bachman series but live in California or Hawaii or Mississippi or Zagreb, you may not know that it is now snowing here on people, many of whom STILL don't have electricity, and are being told they are unlikely to get it back before Thanksgiving. Right. Snowing. And cold. Can we get a break please?

Let's all do what we can, in the place that we are, with the means at our disposal.

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