Friday, January 11, 2013

New Events Coming Right Up!!

I hope you can come to one of my next two readings: Saturday, January 26, 2013 ("two thousand thirteen" still sounds weird, doesn't it?) at Mendham Books in Mendham, from 2-4 pm; and Saturday, February 9, also 2-4pm, at beautiful Sussex County Community College. Hell, I hope you can come to both of them. I'll come to your house and read this thing to you on the couch in your living room if necessary!
See? It IS a "a riveting Jersey shore thriller!"
We couldn't print that on a sign if it weren't true.
But in the meantime, I need people to come to Mendham, because other than David Mueller, my podiatrist, and Mrs. Christie, the leader of, who is getting "a buck a book" for hurricane relief from sales of HEARTLESS CRUELTY, I don't actually KNOW anybody in Mendham. So puh-leeeze come paper the house two weeks from now.

Yeah, I know it's far. But isn't "far" a relative concept? 

PS I'm bringing snacks. NOW you are incentivized. Oh yeah, and FREE HEARTLESS CRUELTY TEACHER-HERO BUTTONS TO THE FIRST 50 ATTENDEES! 

PPS You can also get my podiatrist's autograph.

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